Are Auto-darkening Welding Helmets Any Good

Posted on July 28, 2015 · Posted in Home Appliance And Design, Home Improvement

The main difference between auto-darkening helmets and fixed-shade helmets is the ability to darken when light is emitted by the welding arc. Fixed-shade helmets only have one shade, usually darker, that does not adjust. This means that in order to have proper visibility, the welder needs to take off the helmet by lifting it and put it on when he begins to work. This can be a bit uncomfortable for professional welders who do this every day. On the other hand, auto-darkening helmets do not need to be taken off, as their automatic lens darkens when light, UV or IR rays are detected. Auto-darkening technology has been developing for quite some time now and welding helmets manufacturers give their best to bring new features to the market each year.

Therefore, the question whether auto-darkening welding helmets are any good at all or not, has already been answered. Auto-darkening helmets are extremely advantageous for welders who use such an accessory on a daily basis. Their eyes and skin are protected, but there’s more: it is way more comfortable to wear a welding helmet that does all the work than one that needs to be taken off all the time.

Auto-darkening welding helmets are useful and practical and they feature a multitude of options and settings that make a welder’s job easier. Adjustable lens shade is just one of the many advantages that such a helmet offers. Depending on one’s eye sensitivity and needs, as well as on the job one is performing, lenses can be usually adjusted from #9 to #13. When adjusting a lens’ shade, one should take into consideration the amperage at which they are working. Depending on the welding process, it can vary between 40 and 200 or more amps. Why is this important? Each amperage level comes with a different brightness degree, which means that the lens needs to be adjusted differently if the welder is performing a specific job, MIG, TIG, stick or other welding types.

Auto-darkening welding helmets are powered with electricity. Whether they are battery-powered, have solar cells or are simply corded, they are advantageous due to the multitude of options that can be found on the digital display. More than that, they are comfortable to wear and use. Another advantage that is brought by these electronic devices is the optical clarity that offers welders the ability to see through the glass while keeping the helmet on. This way, precision and clarity are guaranteed.

Although auto-darkening welding helmets are usually more expensive than fixed-shade helmets, they offer the value for money that everyone needs. It is a long-term investment for those who use such a device on a daily basis or are passionate about DIY projects and need perfect results in no time. These advanced welding helmets do not just look good and help one perform a great job, but they also protect against high temperatures if made of resistant materials. Therefore, choosing an auto-darkening helmet for simple or complicated welding jobs is the best option one can make, as well as a long-term investment. Source: www.topbestweldinghelmet.com