Choosing a Double Glazing Company

Posted on January 11, 2017 ยท Posted in Home Appliance And Design, Landscaping

In the same manner that we carefully select products on the shelves, so must we exercise caution when pick tradesmen to perform services. We have to double-check everything to make sure that we are getting the right people for the job. For instance, choosing a double glazing company can be tricky because there are lots of ads promising the moon and the stars. When things seem too good to be true, they probably are. Learn to spot the good ones and avoid the bad to get excellent results.

License and Registration

Every legitimate company will have all its paperwork in order. Never assume that the firm you are dealing with has them. As for the papers to see if they are truly registered and licensed to perform this type of service.

Standards and Accreditation

Some of the acronyms that will come in handy during this search are FENSA, BSI and BBA. The UK has come up with FENSA or the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme to ensure that people can quickly find competent professionals to do double glazing. This standard matches the building regulations that are in effect around Wales and England. Always check if you are dealing with a FENSA-registered firm through the official website. Accreditations from reputable organisations like the BSI or British Standards Institute and the BBA or British Board of Agreement should also boost your confidence in the company’s ability to deliver on their promises.

Workmanship Guarantee

The longevity of the installation only partly rests on the quality of the glass. This is certain to have a warranty from the manufacturer but more is needed to safeguard your position. After all, how everything comes together can have a profound effect on the durability and performance. Therefore, the double glazing company itself must provide a guarantee on its workmanship. Inquire about the terms including scope and limitations. Compare these with its competitors to find the best deal.

Go Local

Nearly every business in the UK has its own website making them easy to find. This is great for customers as they can cast a wider net than ever when searching for products. Incredible discounts can be acquired even if the store is far away. When it comes to double glazing companies, however, you would want to go local as much as possible. Those operating in the area are more knowledgeable about the weather, building codes, and other specifics.

Gather Feedback

It’s always a good idea to ask others with previous experience for advice. Ask friends who have already tried double glazing companies about their feedback. Were they happy with the way the workers conducted themselves? Are they satisfied with results? Do they think that the cost is justified? Were there any hidden fees or difficulties encountered when dealing with the company? Was help extended after the sale and installation?

Cover all the basics and you will have a better chance of finding a great double glazing company for your project.