Great Ways to Make Fantastic Costumes for Your Kid

Posted on February 10, 2015 · Posted in Home Appliance And Design, Home Improvement

Usually it’s Halloween, but of course there are plenty of times even throughout the year that we need to come up with costumes. Whether we celebrate the Mardi Gras, or if the summer camp has a Halloween in July, it seems that every where you look there’s a time that our kids are asking us to make them a costume. Ideas can be as rare as a four leaf clover or Halley’s Comet. If you’re desperate and you’ve turned to the internet to seek inspiration on how to come up with another costume, you’ve found the right place.

New Tools to the Creative Arsenal


Maybe in the house, you only have a few tools to use for creative costume making, like a sewing machine or some scissors that have funky shaped blades to make cool textures. Maybe all you need to inspire some new costume ideas are cool new materials like a grommet machine. You can get one of those and the metal grommets you need from a place and then you can make awesome costumes, like corset-based costumes or other ones where you need to tie up the front of back of a garment. Making something elaborate like that will be sure to win the best costume award or, at very least, give your child the confidence they need in order to have a good time at the get together.

2. Reuse and Recycle


Another way to go about making a fanatic costume is to think outside the box – or in this case, the bag. Why not use all those annoying plastic bags you get at the grocery store and make a fun costume out of those? You’ll have to think abstract since it’ll be very tough to make an accurate super man or spider man using plastic bags, but if you get creative with them, you’re sure to make a great gift. You can sew them together too if you fold them just right. You can be a plastic [whatever you make] and your kid will not only enjoy the costume, but it’ll make a fun memory they can use forever when telling stories about the fun time mom and dad made them a silly costume out of plastic bags. Also, it’s bound to be very cheap!

3. Your Old Clothes


Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but the clothes you once wore will make a fantastic costume for your child now. If they go as a kid from the 90’s and they wear your Nirvana shirt, that’ll be hilarious. Or if either of you parents were in the military, your old uniform can be a great hit. Same with softball or other sports uniforms that you once wore with pride but that now only retain novelty allure. Go through the closets and you’ll see that there is plenty of fun and funny costume ideas to be had just using clothes you already own (and used to think were cool).