Why Air Conditioning is Here to Stay

Posted on January 22, 2017 ยท Posted in Home Improvement, Landscaping

According to information published in “Science,” Stanford University researchers have designed a textile material that keeps humans cool even if they are in hot environments. Technically speaking, this plastic-based material works by using infrared light to cool the human body by four degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, even though this innovative invention is probably having a substantial impact in the heating and cooling industry, it will probably not replace conventional air conditioning units that are dependent on energy. Below are several reasons why traditional air conditioning systems will never become obscure:

Enhanced Air Quality

In addition to cooling, air conditioning systems also improved indoor air quality by eliminating particles and contaminants that may be hazardous to human beings. To back up this claim, a Royal Colleges of Physicians report states that approximately 40,000 deaths take place in the UK on an annual basis due to air pollution. The types of pollutants that contribute to these deaths include volatile organic compounds–VOCs–nitrogen dioxide, and secondhand smoke. Unfortunately, although it is an impressive product, the body cooling textile created by researchers at Stanford University cannot eliminate the presence of harmful air pollutants.

Comfortable Environment

Air conditioning systems not only enhance the general comfort of indoor environments, they are also simple to operate. This is quite significant, considering the fact that during hot summers, humidity levels can substantially increase. In fact, last year UK weather forecasters predicted that September, 2016, would be the hottest month in approximately 100 years due to a swell of hot air traveling across the country. Additionally, working in a very humid environment can decrease productivity.


Even though researchers have made great strides regarding the development of textiles that can reduce body temperature, conventional air conditioning systems will always be in demand. This is because they maintain a person’s comfort while he or she is inside. In addition, they enhance the quality of indoor air. Regardless of what type of air conditioning needs you have, Complete Cooling Systems Limited can help. Therefore, do not hesitate to get in touch today to discuss your concerns.